Welcome to the Great Lakes Meth-O-Gas Applicator Education Program!

The Meth-O-Gas Applicator Education Program provides information about the safe handling and use of our Meth-O-Gas products. The MS PowerPoint presentation chapters will help you review the information you need to know to handle methyl bromide safely and use it properly in accordance with the label. In addition to this presentation, the following publications are available on the website and should be reviewed for more detailed information on each training topic.
  • Container Management booklet
  • Product and Directions for Use Specimen labels
  • MSDS
These supplemental materials will also help you prepare to take the test, which completes the website refresher training requirement. The estimated time to view the training presentation, review the supplemental training materials, and take the test is ~3 hours.

You must log in to enter the training presentation and the test site. You will need your 4-digit Meth-O-Gas Certification of Training card number and the last 4 digits of your social security number (or assigned 4-digit PIN number) to complete the log-in process. You must fill in all required fields to proceed to the training presentation and test site.

After you have attended the PowerPoint presentation and reviewed the supplemental training materials, please proceed to the test. On the test site you will also be asked to complete a product survey prior to taking the test. Passing the test and maintaining a valid state Applicator Certification license will allow you to continue to purchase our Meth-O-Gas products.

Good luck with the training and test!
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